Diversify Your Bookshelf

I’m unsure what to say so I’m just going to get straight into this blogpost. I spent today educating myself on how I could do something that might make even a small difference. I decided to start by putting my energy into how I could make a difference in my own classroom. I researched books about diversity, kindness and togetherness to use with children in the classroom. I would like to share the books below. I have some already, have ordered some of the books today and hope to order more and add to my collection as the year goes on. I hope this is helpful to anyone looking for something similar for their own children or children in their care.

“Kids who see their own experiences reflected in books gain self-confidence. And when they read about experiences that differ from their own, they develop curiosity and empathy.”

‘All Are Welcome’ by Alexandra Penfold

This is a ‘New York Times’ bestselling picture book about a school where all children are welcome. I think it underpins the ethos of an Educate Together school and would be an amazing story to teach children that ‘no matter what, they have a place and are welcome in their school.’

‘A Rainbow of Friends’ by PK Hallinan

This book has been recommended for children of younger classes. This book focuses on reminding children to celebrate their differences in looks and personality. It shows us that when we celebrate the uniqueness of others, the world is a better place.

‘I Am Enough’ by Grace Byers

This is another ‘New York Times’ bestselling picture book. It focuses on loving who you are, respecting others and being kind to one another.

‘What Does It Mean To Be Global?’ by Chris Hill

This story shows children from around the world engaging in everyday activities like playing, singing, eating and experiencing traditions. It celebrates diversity and helps children to begin to understand that being global means being a citizen of the world.

‘My Name Is Not Refugee” by Kate Miler
This book follows the story of a boy and his mother as they go on a journey. It explains their journey simply, how it will be sad but exciting. It explains how they may have to walk and walk, it may be interesting but also difficult. This story has questions on some pages, inviting the children reading it to think about or imagine the decisions they would make.

‘Where Are You From?’ by Yamile Saied Méndez 
This picture book tells a story of a girl who constantly gets asked a simple question that doesn’t have a simple answer. Where she’s from. This book is a great conversation starter in the home or classroom.

‘Welcome To Our World: A Celebration Of Children Everywhere!’ by Moira Butterfield

In this beautifully illustrated book, young children can learn all about what people in other countries eat, wear and play, and how they speak and celebrate.

‘Not Quite Snow White’ by Ashley Franklin

This is an inspiring picture book that highlights the importance of self-confidence. This book takes a look look at what happens when that confidence is shaken or lost. Tameika encourages us all to let our magic shine.

‘It’s Okay To Be Different’ by Todd Parr

This book helps to inspire children to embrace their differences through acceptance of others and self-confidence. It uses quirky and imaginative illustrations.

‘The Skin You Live In’ by Michael Tyler

This book is written like a nursery rhyme and delivers the important message of social acceptance to young children. Themes including: friendship, acceptance, self-esteem, and diversity are promoted in this wonderful picture book.

‘We’re Different, We’re The Same: Sesame Street’ by Bobbi Kates

A book from Sesame Street to teach children that we may all look different on the outside–but it’s important to remember that deep down, we are all very much alike.

Here are some links to more resources if you are interested:




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