Typing Programmes

Here are some typing programmes I have used in the past or that have been recommended by others. It can be hard to choose a programme, luckily most of them have free trails. Definitely check with the child’s Occupational Therapist if possible for the best suited programme for the child you’re working with.

Keyboarding without Tears

Is a part of the Handwriting without Tears programme. I love the Handwriting without Tears programme and recently began using Keyboarding without Tears. It is straightforward to use. The instructions are visual. There aren’t too many verbal instructions which suits the children in my class perfectly. If you have used the Handwriting part of the programme with children in your class, they continue with some of the same concepts and visuals in this. 

Cost: around 10e per license per child and around 150e for the online training for the teacher


Mavis Beacon

Is recommended a lot of OT reports, it is quite dated and boring but these aspects tend to suit some children with a diagnosis of ASD. Can be purchased on Amazon and other similar websites. There are also some free downloads available for older versions.


BBC Dance Mat Typing

This one is free for the first few levels and is a great hit with children who enjoy animations, music and noises. It is easy to follow. Cost: Free


Touch, Type, Read and Spell (TTRS)

This one comes highly recommended and you can get a free 14 day trial



I haven’t used it but have heard great things 
Cost: Free


Hope this has been helpful.

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